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XG Firewall is Nutanix AHV and Nutanix Flow Ready

XG Firewall is now validated for Nutanix AHV and Flow

Sophos XG Firewall has joined the robust and growing Nutanix ecosystem that is enabling global enterprises to converge and virtualize their IT infrastructure.

XG Firewall is now Nutanix AHV and Nutanix Flow ready to provide protection for networked applications and traffic in Nutanix virtualized environments. XG Firewall delivers the same kind of easy deployment, management and performance that Nutanix AHV is known for.

Nutanix is the industry leader in hyperconverged infrastructure (HCI) that makes the underlying datacenter and cloud infrastructure invisible, abstracting and elevating it to enable businesses to focus on their applications and services. The Nutanix AHV hypervisor converges private, public, and distributed clouds, bringing simplicity and agility to infrastructure management.

XG Firewall v18 with the new Xstream Architecture running on Nutanix AHV provides deeper visibility into applications, network activity, and threats – able to stop even previously unseen attacks.

Nutanix Flow is a software defined network policy engine built into AHV that provides easy and granular policy-driven application micro-segmentation.

XG Firewall has been validated to provide two modes of operation within Nutanix AHV infrastructure:

  1. XG firewall can provide standard NGFW protection on Nutanix AHV similar to any other physical, virtual, cloud, or hybrid network.
  2. In addition, non-IP bridge mode in XG can be used within the network as part of Nutanix Flow’s micro-segmentation to transparently redirect VM traffic through a virtual XG Firewall running in bridge mode on every AHV host to protect east-west traffic.

XG Firewall can protect traffic entering and leaving the Nutanix AHV infrastructure while also securing traffic moving within the Nutanix Flow software defined network, taking advantage of the granular redirection capabilities of Nutanix Flow micro-segmentation that ensures security protection policies are optimized for individual applications.

XG Firewall’s full suite of protection capabilities will help secure Nutanix applications and network traffic flows, including TLS inspection, intrusion prevention, application control, web protection and filtering, and zero-day threat protection with sandboxing and threat intelligence.

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