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Intercept X gets enhanced defenses against fileless attacks

New protection against fileless attacks has been added to Intercept X. Find out what is does and how it can keep you safe.

We are pleased to announce that AMSI (Antimalware Scan Interface) is now generally available for Intercept X customers.

What does AMSI do?

AMSI is a Microsoft interface in Windows 10, Windows Server 2016 and later versions that allows for the scanning of script files even when obfuscated, as well as .NET 4.8 assemblies.

How does it keep me safe?

Obfuscated scripts such as PowerShell are commonly used by attackers to compromise systems and networks. AMSI Protection makes Intercept X even more effective at detecting and blocking these types of attacks.

Do I get access to AMSI Protection?

AMSI will be enabled for all customers running Intercept X Advanced, Intercept X Advanced with EDR and Central Endpoint Protection over the next few weeks. There is no additional cost.

What about Intercept X for Server?

AMSI Protection for Intercept X for Server is in Early Access right now. Learn more and join the EAP.

Where can I learn more about Intercept X?

Head over to the Intercept X page to get details on all of the great features, and check out an online demo.

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