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S2 Ep24: Tinder, angry customers and weleakinfo takedown – Naked Security Podcast

New episode available now.

This week we discuss 70,000 images being stolen from Tinder, the FBI bust and how Sonos annoyed its longstanding customers.
Host Anna Brading is joined by Sophos experts Mark Stockley, Greg Iddon and producer Alice Duckett.
Listen now!


Click-and-drag on the soundwaves below to skip to any point in the podcast.


Not able to find a d/l link. ,Can you return to posting an mp3 downloadable link?


Noted, thanks. You can download it directly from here:


If you can see the player widget with the sound waves in it (some people can’t because of things like Privacy Badger) then there is a download link in there – it’s the tiny down-arrow at centre-right.
I failed to notice it for ages until my mouse paused over it one day by chance and the word ‘Download’ appeared, causing me to say, “Oh.” :-)


Tried to disabling Privacy Badger, no difference. I was finally able to listen when I turned off ‘Facebook Container”. Does your site have a deal with Facebook?


Mr. Ducklin’s “I failed to notice it for ages until my mouse paused over it one day …” is called Mystery Meat Navigation for obvious reasons. Web *cough* “designers” *cough* : STOP IT!


Why are these Podcasts becoming more longer with irrelevant ramblings by the presenters, I listen for security issues and it is now becoming a bore !


Back in the olden days (the Chet Chat era) we recorded and scrupulously edited down the podcast to be 15 to 20 minutes long each time. That was the format we chose. Many people liked that because it made for efficient listening, but we did have a lot of comments over the years from listeners who asked us to make it longer and a bit more conversational, so they could listen to it on their commute. That way they could give it general attention even when they couldn’t concentrate on it fully due to things like train announcements, passengers getting on and off, other people’s bus conversations, and so forth.
In S2 we tried upping it to about an hour; people said they liked the longer format but not a full hour, so we’ve sort of settled back on about 45 minutes and that’s where we are now.
So there is an element of “you can please some of the people most of the time but not all the people all the time”…
Having said that, we are thinking of doing another series of single-issue podcasts, like the old Techknow episodes, where the content will be more focused and the duration shorter, so don’t give up just yet – you might soon get podcasts that suit your listening interests a bit better!
(Or use a podcast app with a speed shifter and listen at 1.5x – that makes our episodes about 30 minutes each :-)


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