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Your headline is really more opinion than fact. The language easily allows them to do this just like the line of “sharing data with strategic 3rd party partners” allows for sales of your data even though they state they do not sell data 6 lines above. That is their plan, they don’t want YouTube stars or YouTube famous people. They want already celebrities and media companies to use YouTube, this is why they de-rank independent creators when these former choices are available. Independent news and podcasts such as Joe Rogan or Pew Die Pie are a huge threat to YouTube’s ideology as well as other interests and they must go. You make the comment “Google isn’t suddenly going to start shutting down channels that aren’t making money.” but that same comment was made regarding banning people or censoring things that are not pornography or illegal and look what eventually happened, now its just commonplace even though 230 says otherwise. At least they don’t have your health records yet though, on wait what’s this, ? Google and YouTube have changed for the worse, anyone trusting Google is either naive or clueless and begging for problems, how quickly we forget the Snowden data.


I think this wording may be used to remove content they politally do not agree with, as they are quite politically active in certain matters


Surely you can work out what this is aimed at.

Channels which YouTube doesn’t like.

Channels that might have significant subscribers but are always demonetised.


They should just come clean and write “we can shut down any aspect of the service, including your channel, at any time without notice or warning and you have no recourse”.

This is always been the case, no matter what their terms of service claim, so just drop the pretense and say so.


Whenever an internet article is titled “No, (insert leftist-globalist Orwellian entity here) isn’t going to (insert leftist-globalist Orwellian thought-control scheme here) blah blah blah,” there’s a pretty high chance the article content is gonna be more obfuscation, flat-out BS, willful ignorance or naivete.


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