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Here's our latest Naked Security Live video - all about WordPress, plugins and patching.

Here’s a Naked Security Live video we recorded on Friday, following our recent article about hackers exploiting unpatched WordPress plugins to take over other people’s websites and blogs.

Whether it’s a WordPress installation, your browser, your laptop or your social media account, every time you install a new program, or download a new plugin, or authorise another app to ‘help’ you with your social media account, you increase your cybersecurity risk at the same time.

So, even if you have automatic updates turned on for the core software in your life, from your operating system to your WordPress setup, don’t forget to review and update all the tasty extras you might have installed along the way.

(And, while you’re about it, go and review all the plugins, add-ons and non-standard apps you’ve got – we’re willing to bet you’ll find at least a few you’ve forgotten all about and probably want to remove!)

(Watch directly on YouTube if the video won’t play here.)

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