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Securing edge devices – how to keep the crooks out of your network

The Good Guys from the Cyber Threat Alliance just published a report to help you keep the Bad Guys out of your network

We spend a lot of our online time out and about these days, using our mobile phones and connecting over cellular networks or public Wi-Fi…

…but most of us still have a network that we think of as ours, which we treat differently to the rest of the internet, the giant part that’s theirs.

Whether we’re at work or at home, we still have the notion of an edge to our network – that’s edge as in boundary, where we typically set up a router or a firewall to keep the inside and outside apart.

If only life were that simple!

Regular readers of Naked Security will know that when we write about network edge devices, such as routers, we often mean edge as in edginess, a word that denotes nervousness and tension.

In the past year, we’ve written about router takeovers, router vulnerabilities, router zombification, router malware, and even about what you might call a security malaise hanging over the world of internet devices.

What to do?

Today, the Cyber Threat Alliance (CTA), of which Sophos is a member, has published a fascinating and helpful report entitled – appropriately enough – Securing Edge Devices.

Produced by a collaboration of cybersecurity experts – competitors working together for the greater good, in fact – you will find it to be a great historical overview of router security blunders and how we can co-operate to prevent them happening in the future.

Whether you’re a programmer yourself, struggling to get cybersecurity right on a tiny budget amid a sea of pressing deadlines, or a user wondering what you can do to improve network security for your family in your own home…

this report is a great read.

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