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It’s still business as usual at Sophos: A Brexit overview

Following the vote by the UK electorate to exit from the European Union, Sophos has been monitoring and preparing for Brexit using the most likely outcome scenarios. Regardless of the decisions made in the coming weeks and months ahead, we are ready to handle them in the best way possible for our customers, partners and employees.

Although Sophos is headquartered in the UK, it is an international company with customers and channel partners located within the Americas, EMEA and Asia-Pacific/Japan. To support this diverse and expansive geographic reach, including nearly 330,000 customers worldwide, we have R&D, go-to-market teams and operations in every major country. This strong foundation reinforces our commitment to deliver the best cybersecurity solutions to businesses and channel partners all around the world.

We will continue to monitor the political process in the UK. Meanwhile, it’s still business as usual at Sophos for our customers and partners. We’re excited to continue developing and innovating technology that will evolve our cybersecurity solutions even further this year and beyond.

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