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Ep. 022 – Plaintext passwords, cryptocoin criminality and the Momo monstrosity [PODCAST]

Here's the latest episode of the Naked Security podcast - listen now!

The Naked Security podcast explains why storing plaintext passwords is an unnecessary evil, investigates a cryptocurrency spat between a software maker and a disgruntled user, and tells you some earnest but sometimes unpopular truths about how to keep your children safe online.

With Anna Brading, Paul Ducklin, Mark Stockley and Matt Boddy.

This week’s stories:

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“Every family has to work out out for themselves” isn’t really helpful. How about listing some ways of making sure your kids can’t access inappropriate content?


Mark did suggest one way of controlling video access, based on his own family situation, such as content he knew had freaked out his own kids before.

He allowed his kids to choose a list of channels for consideration; he screened that list by hand; he subscribed them only to those channels that made his cut; and he supervises their video access now that the parameters have been set.

The truth is that families *do* have to work this out for themselves. Whatever technology choices you make to help you with cybersecurity – you could even run a free Sophos Firewall Home Edition and use our web filtering! – the actual boundaries you agree upon really are a matter for you and your family to figure out, so that they fit happily with your hopes/fears/beliefs/goals.


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