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FaceTime bug, eavesdropping and digital snooping – what to do? [VIDEO]

In this week's Naked Security Live video: what to do about microphone-equipped devices in your home?

Update. Apple published iOS 12.1.4 and macOS 10.14.3 Supplemental Update
to fix this (and other) bugs. [2019-02-07T23:25Z]

In this week’s Naked Security Live video, we look at a recently reported “snooping” bug in Apple’s FaceTime app.

While your phone was ringing, but before you picked up, a caller could trick the app into making your microphone live.

In other words, a malicious caller might have been able to hear you before you realised you were part of the call. (And who hasn’t greeted an incoming call with a comment or three about the person on the other end first, eh?)

We explain how we think the bug ended up in Apple’s code, and advise you what to do if you’re concerned about any other microphone-equipped devices in your home.

(Watch directly on YouTube if the video won’t play here.)

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