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Look who’s talking now: Your Wi-Fi, endpoints, mobiles…

Sophos Wireless can now not only talk to your endpoints but also your mobile devices and even your servers.

With the introduction of Sophos Wireless v2.0 and the new APX Series Access Points, we’re continuing the evolution of our security in order to connect multiple products via our Sophos Central security management platform.

When connected through our new APX Series access points, Sophos Wireless can not only talk to your endpoints but also your mobile devices and even your servers – as long as they’re connected via Wi-Fi.

What does synchronized security with Wireless do?

In this first phase, Wireless receives the Security Heartbeat™ of any Wi-Fi connected device, which is managed through the same Sophos Central account.

The heartbeat communicates the health state – green, yellow or red – and should a red heartbeat be detected, which can indicate anything from a minor compliance violation for a mobile device, to a ransomware attack on an endpoint or server – the device is automatically put into a ‘walled garden’.

As pleasant an image as that may conjure up in the horticultural sense, here it means that internet access is restricted to a list of pre-defined URLs – a safe environment – thus potentially preventing call-home attempts and further propagation of threats.

So generally speaking, walled gardens are much less fun in the world of Wi-Fi.

Take a look at this short video to see how it works.

Find out more at the Sophos Wireless page or take a look at the Sophos Central demo.

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