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Trends in malware – ransomware, cryptojacking, what next? [PODCAST]

Catch up with Day 3 of our Security SOS Week - here's the third episode of our week-long online security summit.

Here’s #3 of this week’s Security SOS Week podcasts, right here #ICYMI.
In this episode: Trends in malware – first ransomware, now cryptojacking, what next?
When it comes to learning about the latest trends in malware, there’s no one we’d rather talk to than SophosLabs Principal Researcher Fraser Howard.
In the field of anti-malware research, Fraser really is a “specialist in everything,” meaning that he not only knows all the details, but also has an astonishing understanding of how all the moving parts of malware-driven cybercrime fit together.
Know your enemies and you can fight them much more effectively. Join us to learn how!


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Why the red flag for the Opera Browser mentioned in the last few minutes?
Can you give a reference for the issues causing the red flag?


It was just an example – it’s just an example of a minority browser that many companies don’t have the time to support these days.
There is no “red flag” (is that a pun on your part to reflect the fact that the Norwegian company that created Opera was recently bought by a Chinese consortium?)
Insert any browser or app name you like that might be on your own “that’s too much extra work to keep on supporting” list. The first that sprung to my mind was Opera.
A good example might be Tor – even if you don’t have anything against the concept of anonymous browsing, it might simply be an app bundle you would rather not fight with at work…


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