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Sophos and the RSA Conference 2019

Sophos wrapped up another successful RSA Conference in San Francisco last month. For as long as I can remember, Sophos has been a proud sponsor of the event with a large booth among a sea of vendors. As we do with all our marketing investments, we have been closely monitoring the ROI we realize via our sponsorship and exhibit hall booth. We have concluded that RSA is a mecca for cybersecurity vendors, a valued information source for IT security researchers, and a great venue for networking, training, and recruiting. As such, Sophos will continue to have a large contingent of subject matter experts, speakers, threat researchers, product experts, and other business executives attend RSA Conference 2019. What we won’t have is a booth on the large trade show floor.

Why? Given our primary target audiences and our partner-focused go-to-market strategy, we simply have an abundance of higher-ROI activities that more effectively advance our mission.

Second only to our innovative cybersecurity products, our highly-effective and metrics-based sales and marketing efforts have been one of the secrets to our success and why Sophos continues to take market share and grow faster than our industry peers. We believe that looking forward and consistently tuning our tactics will yield even greater results for Sophos and our channel partners.

With the rapid growth of the cybersecurity industry in the last few years, the RSA Conference provides an effective platform for showcasing exciting start-ups, facilitating partnerships, and training the next generation of cybersecurity professionals. We look forward to a continued relationship with RSA Conferences at events worldwide for years to come, with or without a booth in one of the massive exhibit halls.

Our passion and life’s work is to create innovative, highly-effective cybersecurity solutions – made simple. We look forward to working with you 24x7x365 to make the world a safer, more secure place.

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