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Ransomware isn’t going away and it’s not slowing down

Ransomware may still be wreaking havoc, but we've got everything you need to stop it.

Ransomware was the threat making all the headlines in 2017, and it’s not slowing down.

We wanted to find out just how it affects IT departments and the organizations they’re working to protect. So, we spoke to 2,700 IT professionals from mid-sized businesses across ten countries and discovered some powerful statistics about the state of ransomware.

You can see the eye-opening results in this infographic, and in our endpoint survey report. We’ve also put together some free resources, such as videos and guides, to help you stop ransomware.

And, learn how new technology like machine and deep learning is playing a part in ransomware prevention, in the latest version of Intercept X.

Our next-gen endpoint solution stops ransomware in its tracks, identifies malicious files without ever  having seen them before and uses anti-exploit technology to block the techniques attackers use to control vulnerable software.

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