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Intercept X: “Why would I buy it?”

We think that Intercept X is the best endpoint solution, but why should you buy it? We let two passionate security experts loose to explain...

We think that Intercept X is the best threat protection solution out there, but why should you buy it?

Paul Ducklin went on Facebook Live with Sophos experts James Burchell and Matt Boddy to find out.

James and Matt are entertaining as well as informative, and their passion for getting security right shines through clearly in this video.

(The original was recorded via a mobile phone for Facebook Live, which is why it’s in a tiny window here – there’s not much point in expanding a video bigger than its original resolution.)

(No video above? Watch on YouTube.)

Want to try Intercept X for yourself? Sign up for our free trial today.

And if you’re a Facebook user, why not join our online community at Security By Sophos?


Hi there,

I am unable to use this Sophos service as you provide no support for Macs, which I use exclusively.

Please remove me from your trial.

Thank you

Roger Adams Aviation Logistics Equipment Ltd



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