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Beautiful webchat honeys turn out to be fembots

Here we sit, broken hearted, paid our yuan and the video never started.

Police in Guangdong, China, announced on Monday that there will henceforth be a sizable population of homeless dating app fembots.
This comes after police successfully “smashed” the 21 companies the chatbots called home. Police said they’ve arrested more than 600 suspects on suspicion of mobile app network fraud, froze a total of 100 billion yuan (USD $154m; £113m), and seized more than 400 servers, computers, mobile phones, books and more.
Authorities have been working on the massive fraud network since August 2017. They were tipped off after coming across a mobile app that was charging visitors to view porn videos that didn’t actually exist.
The crackdown, dubbed “Security Network No. 20”, was simultaneously carried out in 11 cities, including Zhuhai, Shantou and Dongguan in Beijing, Liaoning, Shaanxi, Henan, Shandong, Jiangsu, Zhejiang, Hunan, Hubei, Jiangxi, Fujian and Guangdong Guangxi and another 13 provinces, autonomous regions and municipalities.
A task force found dating-app fembots “making friends,” or what we also call dangling porn as bait for men, getting them to register for apps, dropping flirty phrases such as (what Google translates as) “a city courtship,” “party dating,” and “a city secret tease.”
Once the dating apps lured men into download and installation, surprise! The apps would continuously upgrade their membership level.

Police said that the companies behind the apps found there was a lack of sufficient human females available to respond to users in a timely manner. So the criminal gangs got their techies to write the robot programs, which posed as female users and responded to app users automatically.
The apps would send predesigned greetings to newly registered users. The fembots would also ask for gifts to tease yet more money out of unsuspecting men. Police said that after about 60 seconds of a porn video having played, the apps would tell the users that they needed to reload, as a member, to keep watching. After recharging/reloading, the apps would open up to the member level content area and update the video playback, but the interface would still continue to trick users into recharging.
Do these devilishly developed divas sound familiar? They should: notorious cheaters’ site and devastatingly hacked dating-app Ashley Madison was probed by the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) about its own battalion of fembots.
Then too, there was that army of 86,262 sex-starved bots that flooded Twitter, looking to be #fondled, for somebody to take their #virgin, and asking a young man if he wants a vulgar.
Not interested in having your money #fondled out of your wallet? Not in the market for some vulgar? Then guard against dating app scams with our top tips on how to avoid forking over money to internet cutie pies.


Thank goodness these are bots and not actual trafficked women. Make no mistake, pornography performers are trafficked. And it is no joke. The enterprise is part of organized crime globally (just a point to make if you don’t give a damn about trafficked women and children, you might care about organized crime). The harms in online pornography are not to male buyers, but to abused, desperately poor, usually trapped trafficked women and girls. Yes, girls. The average age of females who enter prostitution and pornography (the same business) is 13.5 years old!
And here is one thing to consider: women who perform in pornography are performing made up fantasies. Men don’t, or shouldn’t, really give a damn if there are live women or bots on the other end of the camera in terms of the “veracity” of what they are watching – it’s all equally an act, a fantasy for the buyer. When there are real women on the other end: they despise you, they are not turned on by you, you sicken them. If you believe for one moment the performance they are putting on for you, then you deserve to be duped for money. You are paying to watch a woman be raped, pure and simple. Even if the script makes it look different than that.
Women who treat porn as a joke, or merely as a potential harm to men, don’t really have a clue about what the business entails.


Perhaps Sophos should check up on Lisa, she just might be a fembot!
She definitely is an Internet cutie pie, lol..


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