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It’s Christmas, you have 9900 seconds of free time, how do you spend it?

9900 seconds of free time at Christmas. What you gonna do?


It’s Christmas.

You’re waiting for a timeout of 9,900,000,000,000 nanoseconds to expire.

(Either someone is cooking for you and you have therefore been banned from the kitchen all day on pain of the wooden spoon, or you are in the kitchen yourself, waiting for a giant turkey to roast, and therefore daren’t leave the kitchen it until you have a meal to show for it, even though the oven has a fixed speed and can’t be hurried.)

In other words, you’re indoors, you need to kill some time, and no one is going to wander up to you with a glass full of party punch and say, “Hey, you know about computers, can you fix my Instagram?”

Christmas fun

What better way to pass those 2 hours and 45 minutes (yes, we used a calculator but we know you did the conversion instantly in your head) than having a bit of technofun?

For example, 9900 seconds is just about the right amount of time to try installing an alternative operating system, and to try life from a different perspective, not to mention trying out a window manager you’ve never used before that is amusingly different from all the those you have.

Or you could renew your acquaintance with an old software friend and remember the good old days, back when 640KB was more than enough for anybody (although an 8MB expansion board never hurt anyone).

Or you might want to implement from scratch a cool algorithm that you’ve been meaning to code up but have always relied on other people’s precompiled libraries.

Choices, choices, choices!

Let Naked Security help

Why not let Naked Security help you?

Here are our coolest ideas – tell us which ones are the best of the best. (The survey below is anonymous.)

PS. Do you like the image at the top of the article?
Did you know that you can order it as a laptop sticker (or on a pair of socks) from the awesome Sophos Store?


Well, I’ve actually only got about 99 seconds, so since it’s Christmas (or nearly so anyway), I’ll spend it writing this message wishing a very Merry Christmas to all of the Naked Security crew members, regular commenters, new guests who are just now discovering this wonderful place and any occasional visitors who happen to wander by. Ho-ho-ho, Merry Christmas to all!


Thanks, Steve. Still 35 minutes of Christmas left here in the UK, so have a good one yourself… and be sure to join us for our NYE #sophospuzzle crossword.


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