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Cryptomining or online ads – which one floats your boat? [VIDEO]

Is cryptomining in the background better than ads in the foreground as a way of earning money to "pay" for free sites?

For a bit of Friday afternoon fun, we asked two Sophos experts to talk about the recent news that The Pirate Bay (TPB) had embedded cryptocurrency mining code on its website as a way to “pay” for the site.

Think would you will of TPB, but the idea of mining cryptocurrency as an alternative to online ads provked a lot of interest – could this be the way forwards for monetising the web?

Here’s what our commentators think about the issues involved:

(Can’t see the video directly above this line? Watch on Facebook instead.)

(You don’t need a Facebook account to watch the video, and if you do have an account you don’t need to be logged in. If you can’t hear the sound, try clicking on the speaker icon in the bottom right corner of the video player to unmute.)

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