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Enhance the performance and stability of your XG Firewall

Keeping your firewall up to date is important - and here's why.

In my last article, I provided a step-by-step guide on how to stay up to date with the latest XG Firewall firmware releases. In this article, I want to highlight a few key reasons why it’s important to keep your firewall up to date:

Enhanced Performance and Stability

So far this year, we’ve deployed hundreds of enhancements to XG Firewall through Maintenance Releases.

Each of these releases includes enhancements to the performance, stability and operation of your XG Firewall. These include bug fixes, efficiency improvements and user interface enhancements.

In the last few maintenance updates, we’ve enhanced the operation of many key areas:

  • VoIP Performance
  • VPN Failover
  • High Availability (HA)
  • Micro App Discovery
  • Web HTTPS Scanning
  • Authentication & STAS
  • SFP Hardware Module Support
  • Wireless Networking
  • Memory Utilization
  • RED Site-to-Site Tunnels

New Features

All of the major releases, such as v16 and 16.5, include a variety of important new features and improvements to ease-of-use, protection, visibility and performance. On top of our regular feature releases, occasionally we also add new features as part of maintenance releases (MRs):

Registration Bypass – streamlines the initial out-of-box setup experience by enabling you to bypass the initial registration for up to 30-days.

How-to Library – provides quick access to our new self-help how-to library full of guides and videos for common configuration tasks on XG Firewall. This is available from the top of every screen in the console.

New Setup Wizard – coming to a maintenance release soon, this new setup wizard will provide a new streamlined out-of-box experience for setting up your XG Firewall. It will enable seasoned pros to efficiently setup a new appliance quickly while providing detailed guidance for anyone new to firewalls to ensure their deployment is frictionless and successful.

Update Your XG Firewall Today

There’s no reason to wait. As soon as you can schedule a few minutes of downtime to update and reboot your firewall, apply the latest firmware release. It’s simple and automated – right from within your XG Firewall console. Just watch this video to see how easy it is…


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