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SC Media Awards XG Firewall the Full Five Stars

'This demands your attention no matter what size your organization' - we couldn't agree more!

“This demands your attention no matter what size your organization.”

SC Media has given XG Firewall its top five-star rating across all areas including features, documentation, performance, support, ease of use, and value. They had tons of great things to say about it, including comments such as: “Very creative convergence of a lot of solid functionality.”

The reviewer, Peter Stephenson, examined the key protection areas XG Firewall provides, such as IPS, application security, web protection and advanced threat protection. He highlighted the unique Sophos Security Heartbeat that facilitates endpoint communication and information exchange as well as Sophos Sandstorm’s sandboxing of suspicious files and User Threat Quotient for identifying risky users.

The reviewer also commented that “editing rules is easy” and “policies are equally easy to work with”.

We weren’t surprised that SC Media cited XG Firewall’s reporting as being a strong suite for the product. We are the only vendor to include more than 1,000 reports at no extra charge as an integral part of the product.

SC Media also reviewed the documentation and support, noting that: “Documentation is presented in a novel way on the web portal … there is a large collection of very focused articles and lots of instructions and community discussions.”

But I think SC Media’s reviewer summed XG Firewall up accurately when he said: “This demands your attention no matter what size your organization.”

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