Sophos XG Firewall featured in CRN, Network World

XG FirewallSophos XG Firewall is getting some great mentions in the media.

CRN has deemed it one of the 10 coolest network security products of 2016, while Network World featured it in a weekly roundup of “intriguing new products.”

CRN described the new features, support and availability:

“Sophos ramped up the capabilities in its XG Firewall line in December, adding Sophos Sandstorm for zero-day ransomware and targeted threat protection, Secure Web Gateway policy enforcement, and dynamic application traffic identification. The security vendor also extended its Security Heartbeat connection with the XG Firewall, restricting traffic to and from endpoints that it detects have irregular activity, and blocks infected endpoints from communicating with other devices or servers. Sophos also added Microsoft Azure support and updated its firewall rule screen for a better user experience. The next-gen firewall offering is available on-premise or in the cloud.”


Network World’s review said the following:

Sophos XG Firewall with Sophos Sandstorm cloud sandboxing provides protection from zero-day threats like ransomware. New Synchronized Security and Security Heartbeat features strengthen protection and response to advanced threats, automatically identifying and isolating compromised endpoints on networks.”

Network World: new product of the week

Learn more about XG Firewall at, or try the product yourself, sign up for a free trial of XG Firewall here.

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