Being displayed today at AWS Show … Sophos protects server instances in Amazon Cloud

logo-apn-tech-smallDesigned to secure business critical servers without sacrificing performance, Sophos Server Protection protects Windows and Linux servers from malicious attacks using a variety of traditional and next-gen methods, including Malicious Traffic Detection, Application Whitelisting (Lockdown), and soon CryptoGuard anti-ransomware capabilities.

Sophos now enables application and management of Server Protection policies for Amazon Web Services Auto Scaling Groups, and display valuable information about EC2 Instances in the Sophos Central management console.

Today at re:Invent Sophos will show how it protects dynamic AWS environments where Auto Scaling is used to automatically add and reduce the number of deployed servers.

Shipping soon, this new functionality ensures that any new servers that are launched as part of an Auto Scaling Group are automatically configured with Sophos Server Protection policy, and any automatically terminated AWS instances are no longer visible in Sophos Central.

Sophos provides this integration between Sophos Central and AWS using native AWS APIs.

Sophos Server Protection can be installed using the customer’s preferred deployment tool, such as Chef or Puppet using ready-made scripts provided by Sophos, or by creating an AMI with Sophos Server Protection installed.

When new AWS instances are launched with Sophos installed, the agent will register with the customer’s Sophos Central console and apply threat protection policy automatically.

Thus, Sophos provides consistent security policy and visibility of Windows and Linux servers whether on premises or in cloud, from a single management console using either of the Sophos Central Server Protection licenses. And the security of servers can be managed alongside endpoints, mobile and wireless devices, email and web gateways.

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