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Ransomware has the potential to cause massive disruption to an organization’s productivity. So it’s vital to understand how to build the best possible defense against it.

The producers of ransomware aren’t just idly waiting for their bit of malware to hit its target. They work in professional teams, constantly updating and enhancing new variants of ransomware – and if you’re caught, the consequences can be severe.

But why are these attacks succeeding? How does a typical infection take place? And what security systems should an organization have in place to get the best possible defense?
How to Stay Protected Against Ransomware is a guide from Sophos designed to answer these key questions. Easy to follow and digest, it takes you through a typical attack, offers best security practices to implement, and details the security solutions that all organizations should be using.

It covers:

• How security holes and ransomware advances are driving attacks
• The most common ransomware delivery methods
• Nine best practice security tips to help you stay secure
• Critical security features that all organizations need

Download the FREE whitepaper now to arm yourself with the knowledge to stay safe against ransomware.

And, check out The End of Ransomware page at for everything you need to know to stop ransomware.


Great White Paper on Ransomware. No doubt such attacks will not cease due to the income stream the people behind it are making – and no shortage of people not taking precautions. Good to see Sophos maintains products to counter the threat, and educates the public on it. Darren Chaker


The FREE whitepaper truly helped me out understanding the advances in Ransomware and how it continues to develop. I would expecting nothing less than by Sophos. Best to you everyone, Darren Chaker


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