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Making Sophos Web Gateway better, wherever you are

We’re pleased to announce the availability of Sophos Web Gateway – the easy-to-deploy, easy-to-trial web security solution – in additional regions, and there’s a significant update to the product interface coming at the end of November.

What’s new?
1. Sophos Web Gateway (Central Web Gateway Advanced) will be available in additional regions from 7 November.
2. A new, dedicated, product interface for Sophos Web gateway integrated into Sophos Central will be available from the end of November.

Where is it available?
Sophos Web Gateway is now available in all regions except Middle East and Africa.

How will the product interface change?
Sophos Web Gateway will have its own dedicated area within the Central interface towards the end of November. This update makes Web Gateway even more intuitive and easy to configure and manage.



You can learn about some of the great features and benefits that Sophos Web Gateway adds in the three-minute video below.

Are there any limitations?
Customers must choose either the US or Ireland data center when enabling their Sophos Central account in order to use Sophos Web Gateway.

Sophos Web Gateway is not at present available from the Frankfurt data center. Once chosen, a Sophos Central account data center location cannot be changed. For customers using the Frankfurt data center who wish to use Sophos Web Gateway, the only option right now is to create a new Central account and choose either the US or Ireland data center. This is due to a limitation in the functionality of Amazon Web Services in the Frankfurt data center. The product team is working to resolve this with Amazon but there is no immediate timescale for this to be fixed.

Of course, if you prefer a hardware or virtual appliance, the new and improved Sophos Web Appliance provides an ideal alternative.

The innovation doesn’t stop here: the team is going to make some significant waves  next year with a hybrid Secure Web Gateway that will work like nothing else in the industry. Our next-generation Secure Web Gateway will offer a seamless migration path for both web appliance and Central customers, so your investment is protected whatever you choose today.

So, how are you protecting your mobile users against web threats? With Sophos Web Gateway you have the perfect Sophos Central answer.

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