Sophos OEM expands into new opportunities

oemWith an ever-increasing level of sophistication of malware attacks and a continued surge in zero-day threats, networking vendors, cloud service providers and even security companies have to look to strengthen their existing platforms with easy-to-integrate and reliable security solutions.

Sophos has a rich history of developing innovative security solutions for enterprises. Today, our OEM group licenses our solutions to companies all over the world, allowing them to create new products faster, supplement their existing security offerings, and improve overall detection of malicious attacks.

We are excited to announce we’re expanding our OEM products into new areas – from next-gen endpoint to firewall security solutions – allowing Sophos OEM partners to strengthen their existing platforms, engage new customers, and drive additional revenues.

Comprehensive portfolio of OEM solutions

Our OEM portfolio is organized into five distinct high-level categories.

1. SDKs

2. Cloud / SaaS Solutions (White-Label)

3. Network Security (White-Label)

4. Endpoint Security (White-Label) 

5. Threat Intelligence

Partners welcome

With our proven expertise spanning network, endpoint and cloud-based security technologies, Sophos is poised to provide unbeatable OEM-capable cybersecurity solutions for a wide range of partners and customers.

Our proven understanding in building and supporting OEM partnerships means we can help our OEM partners tap into new market potential with ease of integration, flexibility in licensing and deployment, and a committed support backbone.

Sophos OEM is available to boost cybersecurity for safety-critical embedded systems and a wide range of industry applications.

We are geared up to extend OEM partnerships and presence in new opportunities like SaaS, appliances, mobile, threat intelligence, endpoint solutions, the Internet of Things and more. If you would like to set up a meeting with the OEM team, contact us at

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