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Sophos Mobile Control offers same-day iOS 10 compatibility

ios-10Apple has made iOS 10 available and will push upgrade notifications out to devices over the next few days. Some early adopters even have iOS 10 already installed!

Good news – Sophos Mobile Control is ready with same-day support of iOS 10. Once iOS 10 is loaded onto your users’ devices, it’ll be supported by all components of Sophos Mobile Control.

For a comprehensive list of iOS 10 features, please visit Apple’s iOS product page. Another good source of information about iOS 10 and the newly-announced Apple gadgets is’s live blog from Apple’s recent iPhone 7 keynote.

As long as your users are using the latest versions of Sophos Mobile Control apps, there’s nothing you need to do to fully support iOS 10 across your Sophos Mobile Control estate. We’ve already tested against the various alpha and beta versions of iOS 10 and have modified Sophos Mobile Control to be compatible whenever your users are ready to update their devices.

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This is exactly why I love iOS more than Android. They provide the updates really fast to all their users after launching, unlike Android.


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