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Simple, always-on file encryption with new SafeGuard Encryption 8 – now with synchronized security

At Sophos, we’re committed to taking a fresh approach to complex problems. In November, we announced synchronized security: no longer does security mean making sense of piecemeal tools and reacting to alerts. With synchronized security, your security solutions communicate with each other both across the network and on endpoints to mitigate risks and stop data loss instantly.

A sophisticated security program shouldn’t just be limited to protection at the firewall and endpoint level of course – your files need to be protected too, wherever they reside, at all times. That’s why Sophos SafeGuard Encryption 8 – launched today – now offers automatic, always-on file-level encryption on endpoints, mobile devices and in cloud storage — across Windows, Mac, iOS and Android.

No longer does file-level encryption mean lengthy set-up by administrators or hand-selecting what files to encrypt. Your users’ files start by default with the highest level of security to keep their sensitive information out of the wrong hands, and from there they can choose to opt-out specific files.

Better yet, it’s all made even more effective and effortless with synchronized security, our coordinated incident response technology.

Three dimensional trust delivers the most secure file-level encryption available

Most encryption technology relies on “user-level trust” which authenticates a user in order to give that person access to the appropriate data. However, if a user’s credentials are compromised then it’s easy for a hacker to gain access to encrypted data.

Sophos Safeguard Encryption 8 takes authentication to a whole new level by verifying trust in 3 dimensions – user, application, and device. So even if a hacker gained access to your credentials, they are still unable to read encrypted data if they are using a foreign device or application.

This level of verification is an industry first and is transparent to the user. The only time your end users will even know their files are protected by encryption is if they’re trying to access something they shouldn’t be.

Encryption works seamlessly with synchronized security

Encryption has always been a core solution for data protection, but we’ve now enabled it as a threat protection technology through integration with our synchronized security capability. For example, if an endpoint detects a compromise, the system health status is changed from a “green” state to “red”, indicating the system is no longer trusted. No matter how they got in, the attacker is stopped dead in their tracks from getting access to sensitive data.

Once the situation is resolved, and the endpoint’s health status is restored to a “green” state, the encryption keys are automatically replaced and the user regains access to all of the encrypted data on the system. This same easy and automatic protection applies to all endpoints and files on your network.

SafeGuard Encryption 8 delivers next-gen data protection across your entire enterprise from mobile phones to tablets, and from endpoints to cloud storage.

This technology is available today from Sophos. You can learn more about Sophos SafeGuard Encryption here, and more about our synchronized security technology at


I had Sophos for a long time but somehow I was disconnected.How do I get back?

ed Riech


Hi Ed, our Support team should be able to help if you are an existing customer: If you’re no longer a customer, please email with your contact details and we’ll get someone to get in contact. Thanks :-)


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