Introducing Sophos UTM Outbound Gateway protection on Amazon Web Services

sophos-aws-150Our UTM has been the leading solution for protecting network infrastructure in Amazon Web Services (AWS) for years now.  Over that time, we’ve added more and more purpose-built features and capabilities to Sophos UTM that continue to make it an ideal fit for securing your AWS cloud-based servers and networks.  So it’s with great pleasure that today we’re announcing the availability of our new Outbound Gateway (OGW) protection for AWS.  It provides unique visibility, policy enforcement, and elastic scalability to outbound web traffic from AWS.

One of the advantages of moving to the cloud is the ability to scale your infrastructure up and down based on current demand. However, this can pose real challenges to your security as many solutions are designed around traffic or CPU limitations. Our innovative new OGW solves this problem by deploying a patent pending technology that load balances outbound traffic and deploys multiple Sophos UTM Workers allowing customers to use our UTM Web Protection and UTM Web Server Protection regardless of the traffic demand.

Securing Amazon Workspaces

Our new Outbound Gateway is specifically designed to help customers secure their Amazon WorkSpaces environment. WorkSpaces is a Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI) that allows you to run remote desktop applications in the cloud. OGW provides an easy way to ensure that your users comply with web browsing policies and prevents malware from infecting remote desktops. It makes user-based policy enforcement simple and reliable since OGW works with multiple authentication mechanisms, including Active Directory and single sign-on (SSO) for your remote users.

Below is a diagram that shows how UTM handles increased inbound and outbound traffic as well as service integration in AWS making deployment and administration easy.

Sophos UTM OGW on AWS (Click for full-size)
Sophos UTM OGW on AWS (Click for full-size)

The best part about this feature is it is included as part of your UTM subscription on AWS.

If you’re already using Sophos UTM in AWS, you can check out our knowledge base article on how to configure OGW in your AWS environment. If you’d like to start using our UTM in AWS, check out our free 30 day trial of Sophos UTM from the AWS Marketplace.


As usual, you can leave us any feedback on this release at our Sophos Community Forums for UTM.

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