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Turning bugs into breaches (responsibly) [Chet Chat Podcast 244]

Here's the latest episode of our weekly security podcast...enjoy!

Sophos Security Chet Chat – Episode 244 – July 1, 2016

Join Sophos security experts Chester Wisniewski and Paul Ducklin for the latest episode of our regular security podcast.


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In this episode

Just in time for Canada Day, some Google Play malware with a Canuckian theme; how pen testers turn bugs into breaches; and Chet puts on his fireproof trousers to come out in favour of Windows 10.

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As a system administrator for a small government agency that uses Windows 7 Pro as the standard, I wanted to try 10, I installed 7 on a new HD and took the upgrade. I actually like the look and feel of 10 and it appears to be faster. The security does seem to much better than 7. I have installed 10 on a couple of computers at work for volunteer users. Since we are locked into Microsoft, at work, we will eventually have no choice. Unfortunately the problem that commonly arises is that some applications we use will not currently work on 10.


No longer is there a link to download and save the MP3 file? This used to be my standard practice, so I could listen when convenient (don’t have


Very few people used the download…and it redirects via HTTPS to an HTTP address in Soundcloud, which we decided was kind of back-to-front from a security point of view.

So we decided to stop using the MP3 link (this was the first time), assuming no one would even notice…

…guess we were wrong :-)

You can download via Soundcloud if you click through. Does that work for you, or should we change back and keep publishing the link?


Thanks, Paul, but I found I’d have to register with and log into Soundcloud to do anything there, so I opted not to. If you can conveniently restore your link it’d be great for me — but if I’m the last one in the universe without mobile (which makes 2FA fun too), don’t bother, thanks anyway.


Is iTunes any good? (If you already have an account, of course :-)


Hi again, and sorry for the delay — nope, no iTunes acct. I’m an old-timer (in my early 70s) who’s been on the computer since before MS-DOS. First home true computer was a C64, and first office system was an Osborne “portable” (weighed about 70 lbs but did have a carrying handle) running under CP/M. So I tend to avoid semi-useful extras and new goodies if they don’t have obvious benefits, like my new flatscreen monitor.


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