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MSP ConnectToday I’m pleased to tell you about Sophos MSP Connect, a flexible program designed to connect managed service providers (MSPs) and their customers to one complete security solution – centralized and simplified through one vendor, with one dashboard and one monthly bill.

Sophos MSP Connect leverages Sophos Central, the easy-to-use, cloud-based dashboard. If you haven’t seen the new Sophos Central – Partner dashboard, it’s an intuitive, single pane of glass for managing everything Sophos has to offer, from XG Firewall to Next-Generation Enduser Protection.

The main dashboard surfaces all the alerts for your managed customers, where you can quickly drill down for more detailed reports and quickly respond to incidents.

MSP Connect Partner dashboard

The Sophos Central dashboard also gives you easy-to-understand usage information for all your monthly customers, in aggregate. The Customers page gives you an overall view of who’s using what and who’s trialing products, with a visual depiction of trials near expiration, licenses that have expired or are nearing expiration, and licenses that are over limit, with an emphasis on cross-sell and upsell.


MSP Connect greatly simplifies distribution of licenses and adding new customers, so you can drive recurring revenue. And it allows you to custom tailor services that address the latest threat trends and security risks affecting each customer – you can manage firewall, endpoint, mobile, wireless access points, email security, web, and server security, all through the centralized dashboard.

With constantly emerging threats and enormous business costs associated with data breaches, MSPs can really differentiate from their competitors today with top-of-the-line security services. This is how Sophos helps you add value and drive new business.

Your customers in the SMB and mid-market have the same security challenges as enterprises, but without enterprise-level budgets or the resources to fully optimize security services to improve their business. Business owners have unintentionally increased their security requirements by decoupling their workforce from the office – employees are expected to do more with the same amount of resources, so they take work home, introducing a higher risk of human error and data loss.

Today’s hackers are more sophisticated, using subtler techniques to compromise businesses and employees and silently steal data; or wreaking havoc with ransomware that makes your sensitive data unreadable unless you pay.

MSP Connect allows you to offer customers security solutions that no one else can – synchronized security for more effective protection against advanced malware and targeted attacks. Your customers are better protected with our unique and groundbreaking Sophos Security Heartbeat technology that shares threat intelligence in real time across a trusted channel between endpoint and firewall.

MSP Connect allows you to manage award-winning security products, while also boosting operational efficiency. MSP Connect includes a pay-as-you-go or monthly Flex billing system for simplified accounting and budget management, plus integration with professional service automation (PSA) vendors to help improve operational efficiency during billing. MSP Connect also gives you easy access to technical support and onboarding.

The Sophos MSP program is powerful, yet easy, aligned with your business, and dedicated to your success. Today’s MSPs need to provide the very best in service, security, efficiency and cost. And with Sophos MSP Connect, it’s all within your reach.

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Don’t know where to ask this. My MacBook Pro took over 12 hours to do a complete scan. It found no malware but said “Issues Detected” I can’t figure out how to see, much less work on those issues.


Hi Neil, Sorry to hear you’re having trouble. You can get help over in the Support section of our website, here:


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