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Announcing Sophos Central: Next-gen security management for partners, admins and (soon!) end users

Sophos CentralThis is a big day for Sophos, our partners, and their customers.

While the security industry has been increasingly trending toward complicated point products – each with their own admin consoles, policy setup, and terminology – we’ve been steadfast in our belief that powerful, feature-filled, and industry-leading security should be integrated and uncomplicated.

You may be aware of our “Security made simple” tagline, but if even if you aren’t, you should absolutely feel it when you use our products. And we believe that we’ve taken a major step forward in that spirit today with the launch of our all-new Sophos Central integrated management platform, formerly known as Sophos Cloud.

While Sophos Cloud has been widely recognized as an incredibly powerful and easy-to-use tool for managing endpoint, mobile, web, and server products, Sophos Central paves the way for accelerating the innovation that’s been a constant focus of ours since the launch of our very first products.

We’ve worked incredibly hard on Sophos Central over the past year, but we’re not done yet. In the coming year, you’ll come to rely on Sophos Central as home base whether you are a partner, admin or end user.

  • Sophos Central Partner helps you manage and track your business, identify revenue opportunities, and features seamless jump-points to Sophos Central Admin.
  • Sophos Central Admin leads the way when it comes to real-time, synchronized security. The identification and remediation of threats becomes a simple one- or two-click affair.
  • And our upcoming Sophos Central Self Service offering will make it easy for end users to work with quarantined email, bring-your-own-device provisioning, data encryption, Wi-Fi setup and much, much more.

We’re absolutely thrilled about the release of Sophos Central. We think it strikes an almost impossible balance between power and ease-of-use. But we’re even more excited about what it represents for the future of Sophos. This is a big day; this year will be even bigger.

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