How third-party testing validates Sophos Next-Gen Endpoint Protection

AV-Test approvedThere’s a lot of noise (or confusion) in the market around what “next-gen” endpoint protection actually is. At Sophos, we believe next-gen endpoint protection must deliver an integrated system of prevention, detection and remediation technologies.

The Sophos System Protector does exactly this. It functions as the “brain” of our endpoint protection by automatically applying the best threat protection based on behavior, analytics, heuristics and many other built-in defenses.

Yet all the science and technology in the world is for naught if the protection doesn’t protect. And independent test houses provide the best assessment of how a product will perform in the real world.

Each testing house has a different methodology, and obtaining a balanced view across multiple independent testers is a great way to get an unbiased view of how security products perform in real-world scenarios.

Dennis Technology Labs recently gave Sophos its highest AAA rating, while AV-Test has further verified Sophos leadership. In AV-Test’s most recent round of tests in November-December 2015, Sophos scored a perfect 6 out of 6 for protection – for the fourth time in a row.

We’re delighted to see that both Dennis Technology Labs and AV-Test are rating Sophos so highly.

In contrast, some so-called “next-gen” vendors struggle to keep pace.

In AV-Test’s latest test, Cylance registered a disappointing 29 false positives, compared to an industry average of six, highlighting usability problems in these real-world testing scenarios.

Clearly there’s no replacement for a true “next-gen” endpoint protection solution that delivers in the real world.

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