This infographic shows the state of encryption today

Encryption surveyCyberattacks and data breaches have created a lot of negative headlines lately. The good news is that the epidemic of cybercrime has led to a growing emphasis on security in general and encryption in particular.

We wanted to find out just how many organizations are using encryption today to protect sensitive data like customer payment details, company financial records, employee records, and intellectual property.

So we worked with a research company to conduct a survey of IT decision makers at organizations large and small, in various industries, and in six different countries. What we discovered is that the level of encryption in organizations leaves a lot of room for improvement, although there is hope that many companies are moving in the right direction.

You can see the results of our survey in this infographic, and in our encryption survey report. We’ve also put together some free resources, such as videos and guides, to explain how encryption can help you secure your valuable data. Check them out at

Sophos State of Encryption Infographic


Image of data security via Flickr user Yuri Samoilov.

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