Sophos Sandstorm – Next-generation advanced threat defense made simple

Sophos SandstormAttackers are more frequently using previously-unknown malware to evade traditional protection. While conventional anti-malware protection is still absolutely vital as a first line of defense, organizations need additional tools to combat today’s targeted, unknown malware.

Unfortunately, many next-generation solutions designed to deal with unknown threats are too complex and expensive for many businesses to consider. And under-resourced small and mid-sized businesses definitely don’t want yet another point solution to clutter up their network.

This is why we’re launching Sophos Sandstorm, an advanced malware defense solution that complements Sophos security products to quickly and accurately detect, block and respond to evasive threats using powerful, cloud-based sandbox technology.

Sophos Sandstorm is a new breach detection platform across the Sophos portfolio. The first Sandstorm component is a cloud-delivered next-generation sandbox that provides targeted attack protection, visibility and analysis by detecting, blocking and responding to evasive, unknown threats.

Sophos Sandstorm integrates with the Sophos solutions you’re already using:

  • Sophos Web Appliance (SWA) 4.2 is the first product to implement Sophos Sandstorm.
  • Sandstorm will be integrated with Sophos Email Appliance 4.0, UTM 9.4, Cloud Web Gateway and XG Firewall in 2016.

How Sophos Sandstorm rises above the competition

It’s simple:

  • Easy to try – sign up directly from the product interface
  • Easy to deploy – simply activate the policy
  • Easy to manage – all from within your “three-clicks-to-anywhere” interface

It’s effective:

  • Blocks evasive threats – detects threats designed to evade sandboxes that other solutions miss
  • Policy control – simple, efficient policy control
  • Visible protection – granular, incident-based reports

It’s cloud-delivered:

  • Rapid deployment – instant protection with no hardware to deploy or appliance upgrade needed
  • Minimal impact on performance – all processing done in the cloud
  • Collective intelligence – analysis of threats detected across the broad Sophos customer base

Why should you be interested?

Many organizations recognize the need to take steps protect their business against unknown threats. What they don’t want is yet another point solution to clutter up their network.

If you want an advanced threat solution that’s easy to try and deploy, simple to manage, and uses the best threat intelligence, Sophos Sandstorm checks all these boxes.

Visit to learn more about how Sophos Sandstorm works.

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