Synchronized Security: A revolution in protection

heartbeat-150For decades, the security industry has been treating network security and endpoint security as completely different entities. It’s just like putting one security guard outside the building and another inside the building, but not allowing them to talk to each other.

What if we started over with a fresh and radical approach that delivered better protection by enabling automated and real-time communication between network and endpoint security solutions. One that was synchronized across the entire threat surface, and highly automated, so it could do all this without adding staff or workload.

To accomplish this, we need a system with the following five attributes.

Ecosystem centric: We must prevent, find and stop breaches across the entire IT ecosystem by operating with full awareness of nearby objects and events.

Comprehensive: The solution would need to be comprehensive and cover multiple platforms and devices, to defend against attackers who attack the whole IT system, not just its parts.

Efficient: The solution must lower the team’s workload while improving protection. It cannot add another layer of technology and workload.

Effective: The solution must effectively prevent, detect, investigate and remediate today’s threats across the entire threat surface.

Simple: It must be simple to buy, simple to understand, simple to deploy and simple to use.

This list seems like a tall order indeed. Today’s IT security products are the opposite: threat centric, complex, non-comprehensive, resource intensive, and in total not as coordinated as the attacks they’re supposed to defend against.

Clearly, innovation is needed to succeed.

When the Sophos Next-Gen Firewall detects an advanced threat or an attempt to leak confidential data, it automatically utilizes the Sophos Security Heartbeat™ to take a series of actions across both the network and endpoint to mitigate risk and stop data loss instantly.

Similarly, if a protected endpoint is discovered to be compromised, synchronized security allows automated and near instantaneous isolation of this endpoint, preventing it from leaking confidential information or sending data to a command-and-control server.

This type of discovery and incident response, which could take weeks or months, has been reduced to seconds with synchronized security.

Synchronized Security – A new approach

Complex, threat centric, headcount dependent, myopic solutions will not meet the needs of resource constrained IT security teams. To reverse the trend of increasing incidents and breaches, we must take a much different approach than in the past. To do this, we must implement new solutions that are simple, yet effective, automated and coordinated – in short, synchronized via technology innovation such as the Sophos Security Heartbeat.

The good news is that this capability is available today from Sophos. To learn more about how synchronized security from Sophos can reduce your risk in the face of today’s cyberthreats, download our free whitepaper, “Synchronized Security: A Revolution in Protection” (no registration required), and visit

Sophos Security Heartbeat

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