Bloxx end-of-life got you down? Upgrade your web security with Sophos

Secure Web GatewayWeb gateway vendor Bloxx surprised customers with the announcement that it has been acquired, and the current Bloxx product set will be discontinued (“end-of-lifed”).

If you’re a Bloxx customer looking for a web security alternative, we can help you turn an annoying replacement project into an upgrade opportunity.

We all know that web threats and hackers don’t stand still. Sophos is always one step ahead of the threats with advanced web protection powered by SophosLabs intelligence and our Live Protection technology.

Sophos protects you against the latest exploit kits, drive-by attacks and malicious phishing websites. Plus, you have complete control over your users’ web browsing with custom block and allow lists and security policies that follow them wherever they go, on any device.

Sophos Secure Web Gateway gives you everything you need to replace your Bloxx product:

  • Easy ownership: Simple web protection, from deployment to daily management and support.
  • Your rack or ours: Choose whatever best suits your needs – an on-premise appliance, virtual appliance, or Cloud Web Gateway.
  • Protection everywhere: For every user, on every device, everywhere they go.
  • Lightning performance: Transparent protection that won’t slow your users down.
  • Instant visibility: Get instant visibility into activity on your network with rich reporting and intelligent dashboards.
  • Granular controls: All the policy control you need to keep your users productive and compliant online.

Upgrade to Sophos today!

Image of web attack courtesy of EFF/Creative Commons.

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