Why we’re bullish on cloud-based email security and Sophos Cloud, and you should be too

cloud-email-150By now you have likely heard the big news: Intel Security (formerly known as McAfee) has decided to discontinue selling all of its McAfee SaaS Endpoint offerings, as well as its line of SaaS email protection, SaaS email archiving and SaaS email encryption products (formerly known as MX Logic).

While this is no doubt troubling news for Intel’s partners and customer base, it is much better news for the Sophos partner community. Our partners now have a fantastic opportunity to sell to a broad base of disaffected Intel customers looking for a more stable security vendor.

Whatever Intel’s reasons for discontinuing their SaaS endpoint and email security products, we’re really bullish on the market opportunity for our own cloud-based email protection, archiving and encryption solution – Reflexion.

Email continues to be a major threat vector, allowing malware to get inside the network and sensitive data to get out. We’re investing in the best technology to defend against the latest email threats, and email security is a key product in our growing portfolio of cloud solutions.

Reflexion’s cloud-based email protection is a no-fuss solution to the constant problem of spam and email-borne threats. And we offer cloud-based email encryption as a great solution with minimal performance impact for organizations that need to meet compliance mandates and protect data against accidental loss or theft.

Many organizations in industries with regulations prohibiting the destruction of email communications can also depend on our Reflexion solution for archiving, discovery, and recovery services, with fast search and retrieval capabilities.

Sophos partners can already sell Reflexion products today, and soon all of Reflexion’s cloud email solutions will be integrated into Sophos Cloud.

We continue to believe that integrating Reflexion’s technologies into Sophos Cloud (named Security Product of the Year by PC Pro magazine) is a winning combination – for our customers and Sophos and Reflexion partners.

Sophos Cloud delivers all of your customers’ security needs, in a modular yet comprehensive and integrated fashion. It’s much more than just endpoint protection. Mobile, web, server – and soon, email protection – are available from the same web-based management console, hosted by us or by you as a trusted partner.

We’d like to help our partners take advantage of the enormous opportunity opened up by Intel’s departure from the SaaS endpoint and SaaS email security market, which is why we’re offering free conversions for Intel customers.

Steve Weeks, president of Sophos partner Netcetera, said:

“Migrating to a new solution provider can feel daunting and frustrating. At Netcetera, when one of our vendors was acquired by Google years ago, I initially worried about business disruption and unhappy customers. So it was a big relief when we switched to Sophos’s Reflexion email services. The migration process was smooth and, at the same time, we ended up with a better product and a superior vendor to partner with. I understand how partners working with McAfee must feel right now, but I’ve been telling my peers at other resellers that switching to Sophos is their best bet for a seamless transition. Choosing to work with Sophos has proven to be an excellent decision for Netcetera and our clients.”

We are so confident that you’ll enjoy the benefits of Reflexion that we are offering Sophos partners free migration assistance from Intel’s McAfee SaaS email products, which includes the configuration of customers and users, and the import of the whitelist and blacklist. Additionally, we have waived the ingestion fee of the email archive to Sophos’s RADAR archiving service.

We’ll be reaching out to our partners soon with more information on how you can get the most from this opportunity.

Visit our website to learn more about free migration to Sophos’s Reflexion email services.

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