Project Copernicus betaIf you’ve been following Project Copernicus, you know that it’s our revolutionary new firewall platform that’s been in beta for the last couple of months. Today, we’re pleased to announce that our brand new centralized management platform for Copernicus firewalls is now available for beta.

Sophos Firewall Manager (or SFM for short) provides powerful centralized management for all your Copernicus firewalls, with time-saving features that make it easy to ensure consistent protection across multiple locations.

SFM includes:

  • Flexible grouping of firewall devices based on a variety of criteria
  • Full-device configuration interface that’s consistent with on-box management
  • Pushing policies across multiple firewalls for consistent protection
  • Configuration templates to streamline setup across devices
  • Immediate visibility across your entire network
  • Role-based admininstration with change control and audit logging

To get started, simply visit to download the new Sophos Firewall Manager, available as a software appliance to run on your Intel compatible hardware platform, or the virtual environment of choice.

Then head to the Sophos Community Forums to find documentation and tips, and share your feedback.


We appreciate your feedback on our Copernicus beta. Please go to our Community Bulletin Board to submit your comments.

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