Sophos Mobile Control has same-day support for iOS 9 – why you should upgrade

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Sophos supports iOS 9Apple has just released the new version of its mobile operating system, iOS 9, and many iOS device owners can’t wait to get it. That’s why we’re happy to offer same-day support for iOS 9 in our mobile products.

If you’re managing iOS devices with Sophos Mobile Control (SMC) or Sophos Cloud Mobile Control, you can upgrade immediately to iOS 9.

No reconfiguration is needed for already-managed iOS devices – they’ll just report the new version number. Users can enroll new iOS 9 devices as usual.

Over at our Naked Security blog, we are strongly recommending the update because of the many important security fixes.

There are also numerous security improvements in iOS 9, including moving from a simple four-digit to a much-stronger six-digit PIN, built-in two-factor authentication, and enhanced user privacy against intrusive advertising.

Combined with our mobile device management, application management and policy enforcement, your iOS 9 users will be more secure than ever.

And just as Apple is well known for its simple design and user-friendly interface, our award-winning mobile products make managing all your devices simple.

See how easy it is to manage and secure all your mobile devices: visit for more information.

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