Open Wi-Fi, the public cloud, and unencrypted files – oh my!

data-thief-150As I write this, I’m working on a company laptop from my home. Earlier today, I was working from a Starbucks. I’m glad Sophos allows me to telecommute on occasion, but it does bring up some common security concerns.

With employee work arrangements growing more flexible, devices and data are leaving the safe confines of the company network. How can you make sure your precious data is secure?

We put together a video that shows how encryption protects your data against some all-too-common (and all-too-human) security failures.

In this scenario, an employee named Alice logs onto an open Wi-Fi network to access an unencrypted file from a popular cloud storage site. If you know anything about how vulnerable Wi-Fi is to hackers, you can probably guess what happens next.

The video shows you exactly how an attacker could use simple hacking tools, a rogue wireless access point and a phishing website to steal Alice’s login credentials, break into her cloud storage account and download confidential corporate files.

Could something like this happen to you or one of your employees? As our video shows, if Alice’s files had been encrypted with a simple solution like SafeGuard Encryption, it wouldn’t matter if a hacker got access to her cloud account. Her files would be completely secure.

To learn more about how encryption can work for you, and how to choose the right encryption product, go to That’s where you can:

Encryption Dance

Image of data thief via Flickr/Creative Commons.

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