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I’m Getting pop up messages while looking at manga in/from japan. Says I have a virus and to call a number. usually to windows running at same time, when I delete 1 it starts up another one. How can I find the ip address to block via firewall? I only have windows 7 firewall. I run Malwarebytes Anti-malware, scan shows nothing after I reboot and scan.


If you only get messages with the web browser open, are you positive they are not just popup browser windows masquerading as system dialogs? IF so, you don’t necessary have anything–you do have an AV tool, too, right? That found anything?

As such, if they are indeed browser windows, you can’t block them in the firewall, but you could in your hosts file. It’s quite possible they’re being served up from the same site your visiting, however.

If they are true systems messages, you have a bigger problem, but I would have expected Malwarebytes to have detected *something*.


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