Now live: Sophos ID – One account to access all Sophos web services

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Sophos IDWe have now launched Sophos ID, which allows customers and partners to access web services via a single login.

Existing accounts for MySophos and SophServ have been automatically moved to Sophos ID, so you won’t need to register for a new Sophos ID account if you have a MySophos account today.

You can also access Sophos Community, a merger of SophosTalk and Sophos FreeTalk, with your Sophos ID.

For your security, when you log in with your Sophos ID the first time you will be asked to reset your password.

We will be enabling Sophos ID for the Partner Portal, Cloud Partner Dashboard, and Sophos Cloud Firewall Manager later this year.

Eventually all web services will be accessed via Sophos ID. We’ll update you on these closer to launch.


After i do a full scan on my Mac Pro it always indicates to me that there is ‘1 item found’ and ‘issues detected’ I go to the Quarantine Manager and it indicates that No Items are Quarantine. Nothing appears below in locations. Are there any reasons for me to look further as my Mac constantly has pop ups appearing.


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