How to keep your data from ending up in the wrong hands

unencrypted-files-sin-150It’s safe to say that no business wants to end up like Target, Sony or Anthem. Those companies suffered massive data breaches at considerable cost – from fines and legal fees, to loss of reputation, and fleeing customers.

Increasingly, businesses are recognizing that data loss prevention requires security on multiple levels, from protecting the data itself, to the devices where it is stored, and the people who access it.

Data encryption is essential for keeping your data secure as it moves from one place to another. Because encrypted information is only readable by people with the ability to decrypt it, data becomes useless if it’s lost or stolen.

Deadly IT Sin #6 – Unencrypted files – Watch the video

In this short video, James Lyne, Sophos global head of security research, explains why many organizations are suffering the consequences of data breaches, and how to protect against data loss with network segregation and data encryption.

As James explains, businesses need security solutions with the ability to selectively and automatically encrypt sensitive data by policy, user and group.

You’ll also see James demonstrate how an attacker can jump easily from one compromised computer to others on the network in order to steal confidential files.

7 Deadly IT Sins

Learn more about encryption by checking out our 7 Deadly IT Sins website. It explains common security mistakes organizations make, and offers videos, whitepapers and other free resources to help you fix them.


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