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Naked Security wins Best Corporate Blog at RSA

We've done it again! For the fifth year running, we've won an award at the Security Blogger Awards which takes place at RSA.

I’m so happy to say we’ve done it again! For the fifth year running, we’ve won an award at the Security Blogger Awards which takes place at the RSA Conference in San Francisco.

This year, we took home ‘Best Corporate Blog’, so a massive thank you to everyone who voted for us. Here is the award in all its (slightly dark and fuzzy) glory:


And here’s our very own John Shier and Chester Wisniewski who were on hand to pick up the award:

John and Chet_550

This is the fifth award in five years that the team has brought home from the RSA conference. I’m incredibly proud of the Naked Security team for all their hard work, and it’s fantastic to be recognised for what we do.

Of course, we owe a massive thanks to you all for reading Naked Security – for commenting, for liking our posts, for retweeting us, for sending us in your tips…the list goes on.

Last year was our biggest ever, but we don’t want to stop there. This year can be ever better!

So now I’m passing it over to you. I’d love to know what you’d like to see more of on Naked Security. Maybe you’ve got a question you’d love to ask our experts, or perhaps your IT team are calling our for a cheat sheet they can hand out to staff.

We know that many of you act as unofficial IT support for your family too, so let us know what we can do to make your lives easier.

Please fill in this form to let us know your suggestions. We’ll even pick 20 of you to send a Naked Security T-shirt as a thanks.

Lastly, we love reading your comments on Naked Security and on social media, so keep them coming! Don’t forget you can send us a story idea at

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Here’s to another year of award-winning Naked Security!

Image of trophy courtesy of Shutterstock.


What is RSA?


:-) Sorry, it’s the RSA Conference in San Francisco. The Security Blogger Awards always take place during the week of the conference.


OK, but that doesn’t answer the question asked: “What is RSA?”

What, if anything, do the initials represent? I couldn’t even find the answer on the RSA website!


RSA = Ron Rivest, Adi Shamir and Leonard Adleman. They first published the algorithm named after them (RSA), and created a company of the same name, now owned by EMC.


Love the blog guys, but I think the others don’t know what the hell a blog is, they toss up some website and call it a blog but its just some crap website that no one can comment or post to it. ooor they dont keep their crap even close to updated.


Mobile frieny site would be nice!!


It’s odd… clicking on the RSS icon sends you to the podcast app, there’s no Reader view on the main page (there is for the actual blog articles), and the sidebar doesn’t get out of the way in portrait mode. Seems to me that WordPress should support all these things, so I’m not sure what’s up here. Once you get off the main page, NakedSecurity is actually very mobile friendly.


What mobile OS and browser are you using? On my iPhone the site comes up in “mobile friendly” mode automatically, and it’s super-easy to read. There’s a button to switch to regular mode and even that’s fine, although I do have an iPhone 6+, so I have a *lot* of pixels to play with :-)


Well done NakedSec, Winning for five times is incredible, keep up the good work, Also Sophos AV is lot better in catching bad stuff , so overall well done for the whole Sophos team.


Anna, I’m not surprised – you deserve the award. Keep up the good work!

“Maybe you’ve got a question you’d love to ask our experts”

I have one question which I would love the answer to:

In light of Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox recently banning China’s certificate authority some people have been “minimising” their certificate authorities using certmgr.msc.

An article of what is the bear minimum CA’s would be useful.


Congratulations to everybody at Naked Security…….Exciting for you and very well deserved.

I’m not a corporation but simply a senior citizen armed with an iPad, and a number of friends who I’ve been able to help just by reading every security item on Naked Security daily. One friend was able to finally get rid of a virus after using your free virus removal tool.

I would have loved to have the opportunity to attend these awards and go straight to your booth! However I am in Australia. During the 1960’s I lived and worked in San Francisco and would you believe the office I worked in had the most massive computer you could now only see on a vintage sci fi movie.

It lived in a climate controlled room and people that entered wore white lab coats!

Once again well done and I thank you all for the great work you do…… make a difference AND not just for corporations.



Congratulations on your well deserved recognition and award! I really enjoy reading the Naked Security Blog, follow you on Twitter and use the Sophos Anti-Virus for my Mac computers. Thank you for providing an invaluable public service! Sophos rocks!


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