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Why choose Sophos Endpoint Protection? User-based licensing

5 reasons to choose Sophos Endpoint ProtectionMore and more people are using multiple devices — a laptop for the office, a tablet for customer visits and a smartphone for everything in between.

Our per-user licensing for Sophos Endpoint Protection is affordable and simple to administer. You can protect all your users’ Windows, Mac and mobile devices together. And users can add devices without adding to your security overhead.

Recently we conducted a survey of IT managers to find out how they’re handling the growing challenge of device diversity across their organizations.

We found out that IT departments increasingly need to support Windows PCs, Macs and mobile devices: 78% support or plan to support Macs on their networks, and 41% see the number of Macs increasing in their corporate environments.

Mobile devices are proliferating just as rapidly as Macs, if not more so. Whether it be the iPad Air used by your CEO, the latest Samsung Galaxy smartphone running Android, or the iPhone 6 your users are pestering you to configure for corporate use – you need complete control over all of them.

Mobile devices can access corporate email accounts, corporate Wi-Fi networks, and other data your users share via applications – and that means your IT security is literally in the hands of your users.

With Sophos Endpoint Protection, we’re making it simpler than ever to get control of all your users’ devices. So you can confidently embrace BYOD and support and protect the wide range of user devices.

More reasons to choose Sophos Endpoint Protection

If you’re looking to switch to endpoint protection that’s simply better, here’s five big reasons why you should consider choosing Sophos Endpoint Protection.

Learn more about how you can secure your organization with protection that offers these benefits:

  1. Innovative technology from an industry leader
  2. Lightning performance that won’t slow your users down
  3. Sophisticated simplicity – saves time and easy to manage
  4. User-based licensing to accommodate a modern workforce
  5. Flexible deployment – on-premise or in the cloud


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