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Sophisticated simplicity“Sophisticated simplicity” sounds like a bit of a paradox. How can something be sophisticated and simple? At Sophos, we bring simplicity to everything we do. It’s easy to use our innovative protection – that’s the sophisticated part – because our products are designed with you in mind.

Sophos is a snap to set up and manage, with just a few clicks. Let’s take a look at how easy it is to use the management console – in both our on-premise and cloud-managed solutions – to give you a better idea of what “sophisticated simplicity” means in action.

Let’s start with the on-premise version of Sophos Endpoint Protection, which (by the way) has won an AV-Test award for Best Usability.

In the video below we take a quick look at how to block applications using our Application Control.

With Application Control, you can authorize required applications, and block those your company policy determines should be blocked – such as games – all from the central console.

Other solutions might require you to block each application individually – but with Sophos, you can block applications by type or user group.


Then there’s Sophos Cloud Endpoint, which independent reviewers say is a “pleasure to use,” and “combines quick performance with ease of use.”

With Sophos Cloud, there’s no servers to set up, because your computers receive protection and updates from servers maintained by us. It’s effortless to deploy, and easy to use and manage.

Admins can log into the Cloud dashboard anywhere, updates and upgrades are automatic, and scalability is unlimited. Plus, we’ve already built in security best practices, so you get effective security settings by default.

Learn more about the simplicity of using our Sophos Cloud management console in this quick video.


More reasons to choose Sophos Endpoint Protection

If you’re looking to switch to endpoint protection that’s simply better, here’s five big reasons why you should consider choosing Sophos Endpoint Protection.

Learn more about how you can secure your organization with protection that offers these benefits:

  1. Innovative technology from an industry leader
  2. Lightning performance that won’t slow your users down
  3. Sophisticated simplicity – saves time and easy to manage
  4. User-based licensing to accommodate a modern workforce
  5. Flexible deployment – on-premise or in the cloud


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