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5 reasons to choose Sophos Endpoint ProtectionToday’s endpoint protection needs to do much more than blocking known malware. Your endpoint solution needs to be intelligent enough to prevent attacks based on suspicious behaviors, and it should be able to detect and clean up infections when they do happen.

Sophos Endpoint Protection integrates a range of innovative technologies to secure your Windows, Mac and Linux systems against malware and advanced threats such as targeted attacks.

We know that it’s not possible to have 100% prevention, 100% of the time. That’s why Sophos Endpoint Protection includes next-gen features like Malicious Traffic Detection and the Sophos System Protector. By correlating suspicious behaviors with threat intelligence from SophosLabs, Sophos Endpoint Protection identifies attacks that have never been seen before, and protects users from every angle.

Malicious Traffic Detection

Malicious Traffic Detection, or MTD, prevents malware from carrying out certain behaviors to do its dirty job. Typically, when malware gets onto a computer the first thing it will do is communicate with an attacker’s server – to request additional instructions, to download more malware, and to send stolen data off to the attackers.

With MTD, we’re able to see when an infected computer is attempting to communicate outside the network in suspicious ways, to find and remove the malware on that machine.

As one example, MTD can detect if one of your endpoints is compromised by the ransomware called CryptoWall, which uses a secret encryption key to scramble all your files and connected drives and demands a ransom to get the key to unscramble them.

For CryptoWall to carry out its marching orders to encrypt your files, it needs to retrieve a key from the attacker’s server. MTD can detect CryptoWall’s “call home” to the bad guys’ server and prevents it from getting the encryption key.

Sophos Endpoint Protection then removes the malware to prevent future damage.

Sophos System Protector

Sophos Endpoint Protection has within it a whole bunch of different components, or sensors. It’s capable of scanning a file and seeing what its code does before it runs. It has a Host Intrusion Prevention System (HIPS) that looks for bad behaviors as the software is running. And it can detect malicious websites and exploit kits by looking for things like malicious javascript containing exploits.

With all these different ways of looking at a file to find out if it’s dangerous, there needs to be an intelligent way to bring all of the pieces together.

Sophos System Protector is the conductor of the orchestra – it coordinates the different activities, using threat intelligence from SophosLabs to make sense of the information we’re getting from all the different sensors.

More reasons to choose Sophos Endpoint Protection

If you’re looking to switch to endpoint protection that’s simply better, there are five big reasons why you should consider choosing Sophos Endpoint Protection.

Learn more about how you can secure your organization with protection that offers these benefits:

  1. Innovative technology from an industry leader
  2. Lightning performance that won’t slow your users down
  3. Sophisticated simplicity – saves time and easy to manage
  4. User-based licensing to accommodate a modern workforce
  5. Flexible deployment – on-premise or in the cloud



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