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mobile-negligence-150Smartphones and tablets are multiplying in your IT environment like crazy – whether it be the iPad Air used by your CEO, the latest Samsung Galaxy smartphone with its exposure to leaky Android apps, or the iPhone 6 your users are pestering you to configure for corporate use.

All those shiny new devices are a security and data loss risk you can’t afford to ignore.

You’ve heard of the seven deadly sins. Well, we think the 7 Deadly IT Sins are pretty bad too – and the sin of mobile negligence is number one our list of “thou shalt nots” if you want to keep out the hackers who are increasingly targeting these handheld security threats.

What is mobile negligence? It’s thinking that the only threat you need to worry about is cybercriminals targeting Windows.

That’s just the beginning.

Our threat researchers at SophosLabs have tracked more than 1 million pieces of malware targeting Android – with an 1,800% increase in Android malware over the past two years.

So many of the apps your users install on their devices – often without your knowledge or consent – can expose vital data due to operating system vulnerabilities, buggy app security, and unwanted permissions.

Even the iPhone 6, despite its reputation for security, is vulnerable to data thieves if your users aren’t properly configuring and encrypting it with a secure passcode or Touch ID.

And Windows Phones and BlackBerrys have security issues, too – the Windows Store is loaded with crummy, scam apps; and BlackBerry 10 devices can now run Android apps that are definitely vulnerable to attackers.

It’s not only malware and bad apps you should worry about. As James Lyne, global head of security research at Sophos, says in the video below, configuration and software changes could leave any device insecure.

Mobile devices can access corporate email accounts, corporate Wi-Fi networks, and other data your users share via applications – and that means your IT security is literally in the hands of your users.

Learn more about mobile negligence on our 7 Deadly IT Sins website, and get the security tips and resources you need to manage all your mobile devices.


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