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The top 3 ways public sector orgs benefit from IT security vendor consolidation

uk-public-sector-150Public sector organisations face constant pressure to provide crucial services within tight budgets. Even essential items like IT security can come under the budget boss’s knife.

At Sophos, we believe you can reduce the cost of IT security, see greater efficiencies, and save time – without compromising on the quality of protection.

Here are three big ways public sector organisations – from local governments and schools to police, fire and emergency services – can benefit from consolidation with Sophos.

1. Greater security for less.

Government cost-cutting measures show no signs of slowing. Public sector organisations have no choice but to modernise, consolidate or die. From charities to councils, a wave of consolidation is breaking out across the whole sector. In the UK, the Chartered Institute of Management Accountants argues that a greater degree of professional performance management is needed to steer the UK out of the red.

By consolidating with Sophos, public sector organisations see cost savings on average of 40% – and without compromising on quality. With Sophos you get security from a vendor that’s a true leader in the industry.

2. The power of one – a single interface, one support organisation, one renewal.

Consolidation with a single vendor improves efficiency in many ways. You can see all your users and systems in a single, familiar, simplified interface, reducing the need for extra training on multiple solutions. Plus, you’ll only need to deal with one support organisation, and you can renew licenses all at once.

We can help you to consolidate solutions in order to realise cost savings, both in terms of license costs, cost of support and the total cost of ownership.

3. Products that work Better Together.

With disparate point solutions, you get less effective security, both because it’s difficult to apply policies consistently and because the parts don’t work together as a system for optimal protection. Sophos products work better together – across your network, antivirus, email, web, encryption, and mobile security needs. And Sophos adheres to the principle that security can be made simple.

Learn more about consolidation with Sophos

We’re vastly experienced in working with local authorities, police, fire and rescue services across the public sector.

Our solutions can benefit organizations of all sizes, anywhere in the world. And if you’re in the UK, we have some great resources to show you the benefits of working with Sophos.

Check out our public sector case studies, videos, whitepapers and our Security Best Value Report – these resources are full of insights and recommendations to help you get the most effective protection possible for the most affordable price.

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