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SSCC 184 – What’s the lifespan of a GHOST? [PODCAST]

Our weekly security podcast - the latest news in 15 minutes, entertaining *and* educational. Enjoy!

Sophos Security Chet Chat – Episode 184 – February 4, 2015

News, opinion, advice and research!

Here’s our latest security podcast, featuring Sophos experts and Naked Security writers Chester Wisniewski and Paul Ducklin.

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In this episode of the Chet Chat

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Could you guys please do an in-depth feature explaining what VPN is? and how you go about using it, I keep Hearing about it more and more but know very little on this subject be nice to add another string to the bow.


I think I should speak to Chester :-) Could be a good topic for a Techknow podcast. In the meantime, for a couple of very brief explanations, you could try:

Or the video in this article:

From the first piece above, “[a VPN is] where all the raw data in your [network] traffic is encrypted back to your home or office network, forming a Virtual Private Network, and then decrypted and sent out onto the internet as though you were at home or at work, not on the road.”


Many thanks Paul that’s very useful info to me, i look forward too Learning more about from you guys in a future Techknow as I’ve learned about so many other things from you and Chester over the years

Cheers Scoobs.


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