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Are you compliant with the upcoming EU Data Protection Regulation? Find out in just 60 seconds

complianceIf you hold data on EU citizens, including customer details, payment information or healthcare records, you need to be aware of the upcoming EU Data Protection Regulation.

It will require organizations – wherever they are in the world – to implement “appropriate measures” to secure personal data. Fines for breaches will range up to €100 million or 5% of annual turnover.

Do you have the necessary data protection measures in place? Find out with the Sophos 60-Second Compliance Check. No registration required!

In just one minute we will help you identify areas of anticipated non-compliance and provide practical recommendations on how to minimize the likelihood of fines if a breach does occur.

You can also download our free whitepaper explaining the proposed regulation, and use our sample data protection policy to get started. Visit our resources page to see how Sophos can help.


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